Prime U

PRIME U is the ultimate training program designed to cater the needs of athletes at all levels. Founded by Deion Sanders, PRIME U is committed to helping athletes reach their full potential. The information below describes some of the specific programs offered by the PRIME U training team.

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NFL athletes can improve their speed, quickness, strength, and overall technique by participating in the PRIME U Pro Training Program. When the season is over the work of professional athletes continue; those who want to maintain a competitive edge train at PRIMEU. The Pro package includes corporate housing, specialized nutrition programs and more. Stay on top of your game by enrolling in PRIME U PRO Today. For more details please contact us

Combine Prep

The NFL Combine can make or break an athlete looking to compete at the professional level. An outstanding performance can greatly improve draft status; while a substandard performance may be almost impossible to overcome. Deion and his team is committed to developing NFL prospects with PRIME U Combine Training. Athletes will improve 40 time, vertical leap, shuttle time, and strength by utilizing techniques that only the Pros know. The six weeks program includes more than just physical training, it also address the mental aspects of the game. PRIME U prepares athlete for success on and off the playing field. The Prime-U Combine package includes corporate housing, nutrition programs, Wonderlic training, media training, and much more. For more information please send an email to

Prime U College / High School Training

High School and College Students can participate in the PRIME-U off season program. These athletes will have the ability to train with a team that has over 75 years of combined NFL experience. They will learn proper techniques, how to maximize strength and how to improve agility. These athletes can participate in the sessions offered throughout the summer. For those who live outside the DFW Metroplex Corporate housing is available. For more information please send an email to

Summer Camps

High School athletes can compete in Summer Camps with Deion each year. In these camps, student athletes learn the skills that help take them to the next level. Each athlete will also receive a PRIME RATING to help them properly assess their skills. Each participant receives a certificate of completion and memories of training with Deion that will last a lifetime!